The Vicoo Platform project aims

The Vicoo Platform project aims

Over the years cooperatives have learned to design, test and consolidate various governance models. They have defined their social policies by anticipating the dynamics characterizing the current community management processes and have consolidated relational policies with local communities.

In order to be able to fully satisfy its users’ needs and be competitive, a digital cooperative platform must rely on a community that is vast, lively and oriented toward sustainable development. This community must be managed by means of a democratic governance, guided by clear and precise rules. The cooperative platforms can count on a further key competitive advantage: the value of their own members.

Cooperative members will determine the mutual digital exchange, the feeling of belonging to an onlife community, the ability to adapt to change.


If extractive platforms aim to build communities of mere digital users, cooperative platforms must find the way to create and consolidate communities of digital user-members. This implies a novel and challenging formula.

The exceptional context created by the pandemic has provided an opportunity to stimulate the development of cooperative platforms. These are currently studying the way of becoming a valid alternative to the extractive model.
The Vicoo Platform project aims to define processes, tools and resources to aid it in creating an alternative model capable of challenging Big Tech. Their strong rootedness in the territory, their experience with democratic governance and their ability to manage communities constitute key competitive advantages for cooperative platforms.

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